Easy Way To Make Cool Cash On Facebook

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The great thing about Facebook is that its algorithms examine where you go online, what you click on the site, what videos you watch, etc.

Then it brings more of those types of posts to your attention. Facebook is also, of course, a way to connect like-minded people, organizations, and companies.

You can take advantage of this to make money on Facebook. You’ll do it not by selling to people directly on the platform as with the Marketplace but rather compelling people to click on links on your Facebook page that takes them to your e-commerce site, landing page, or other website connected to your online business.

There you can sell them product or ask them to sign up to your email list (we’ll cover that in depth in the next section). This Facebook traffic is very qualified—these are people interested in your product offers.

To boost your traffic, you need to post regularly to your Facebook. You can post sales pitches, product launches, and similar. Strong copy and compelling offers can bring in a lot of traffic. But you should also have useful content on your page that engages the prospect—that’s what’ll keep them coming back. You could post industry news, funny stories, etc. Photos and videos are very important these days—people want to watch them. And they don’t have to be professionally produced.

If you have a blog, you should also post a link to every new post on your Facebook page.

Same with any new YouTube videos or any other content you post elsewhere online. It’s all about driving as much traffic as possible.

The idea is to include content that gets people to like your Facebook page, so it shows up in their news feed and they send it to friends too.

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