Dreaming Big

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How much risk are you willing to take In this journey we call life?. Thanks for keeping up counting high numbers in your thoughts! Continuing what your ancestors did will guide you to a path of success, wealth and happiness. You need to dream big, but yet, do not be afraid of not reaching these heights.

It is OK for your dreams to scare you, because if they do not, you are not giving yourself enough credit. Big dreams are what will keep your life challenging, but yet, very exciting. Expect lots of failure along the way, but this is a part of the game. Your only opponent in this race is yourself. Not all humans will have the exact same direction in life like you will, so everyone is utilizing a different path.

Some will use the easy one and others will look for the most challenging one. The easy path will offer a life of mediocrity and depression but the challenging one will offer a life of potential success and personal satisfaction. I did say potential, because it will NOT always bring you to guaranteed success. Challenging path in life doesn’t mean the horizon will be filled with green dollar bills, it might take you to a more difficult path that you will need to overcome before you see wealth, health and happiness.

So get out there, meet people, be open minded and find the person of your dreams. You’ll be glad you did!

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