Death Might Just Be A Blessing

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Life is a natural phenomena, birth and death are natural events. There is no why about nature, nor who. Science deals with what, when, where and how, but not with why and who.
The question can be interpreted in two ways.

  1. Who is cursing/blessing and why?
  2. What do I feel about this natural event called death.

I am answering the No.2 above.
Omkar Londhe in his school days had an essay in Marathi (my mother-tongue) “Vismaranache Varadan” meaning “boon of forgetting”. Just imagine our life if we always remembered everything that happened or was said. So the essay explained, it is better we are able to forget otherwise we would be fed up with life. But sometimes we suffer because we remember somethings.
Death according to me is forgetting permanently. Need I say it is a blessing to me?

Death of one makes some space for life of another. Death of one leaves back pains in many who know them. So you see, there are both aspects of death. It is no thing to measure in blessing or curse. It’s the unsolved mystery of the universe which you are supposed to look at in awe and learn things from.

You got a life. Life of a human with capabilities like connecting dots and intelligence. Cherish this life. Learn and evolve. You are a product of millions of years of evolution. Help it move further and help the planet to thrive. That’s all there is to life and then one day you will cease to exist. Be happy with that thought. All good things are to end or they won’t be that attractive after all.

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