Check Out This Awesome Must Know List

  1. There is always something you can learn in any subject or situation. The saddest thing I have ever seen is the man who knows everything. You watch him fail time after time with the obvious reasons for failure staring him in the face. Yet he continues to make the same mistakes and each … [Read more…]

12 English Words That People Say and Use Wrong

1. Literally Wrong meaning: Figuratively, very. The word is often used for emphasis and as an exaggeration, as in “I’m literally dying of laughter.” Right meaning: Actually, exactly, without exaggeration. “Literally” is a weird word because somehow, in recent years, it has been used for literally the opposite of its definition. The word actually means … [Read more…]

Raw PHP vs PHP Frameworks

Although both raw PHP and frameworks have their own advantages and disadvantages, it mostly comes down to workflow preferences and demands of the project. If you belong to either side of the spectrum, check out the advantages and disadvantages of Raw PHP and frameworks to take an informed decision when picking either raw PHP or … [Read more…]

Pure JavaScript vs. JQuery

Pure JS The most objective benefit of using pure JavaScript is better performance. Another benefit is the improved understanding of the language you gain from writing pure JS, which you need if you want to be able to do more advanced JS wizardry. The downside of pure JS is that it is easier to make … [Read more…]