Your Health Without Fruits

Fruits and vegetables contain some of the most vital nutrients for our health, but a study from Johns Hopkins University showed that only 11 percent of adults ate the USDA-recommended three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit a day. A recent study from the CDC found similar results. So what can happen if … [Read more…]

Health Benefits Of Water Melon Seeds

WHEN you think of the health benefits of watermelon, the seeds probably do not come to your mind. You probably think of the sweet, juicy pulp without considering the seed as being good too. The fact is, watermelon seeds whether wet, dry or roasted make a great snack. The United States Department of Agriculture has … [Read more…]

4 Top Signs You Gonna Be Rich

1. You’re constantly improving yourself. While having a college degree can make a difference in determining your net wealth, that degree ultimately doesn’t determine if you’ll become a millionaires or not. Bill Gates is one of the most famous college dropouts of all-time. But, that hasn’t stopped him, and wealthy people like Mark Zuckerberg and … [Read more…]

Check Out This Awesome Must Know List

  1. There is always something you can learn in any subject or situation. The saddest thing I have ever seen is the man who knows everything. You watch him fail time after time with the obvious reasons for failure staring him in the face. Yet he continues to make the same mistakes and each … [Read more…]

12 English Words That People Say and Use Wrong

1. Literally Wrong meaning: Figuratively, very. The word is often used for emphasis and as an exaggeration, as in “I’m literally dying of laughter.” Right meaning: Actually, exactly, without exaggeration. “Literally” is a weird word because somehow, in recent years, it has been used for literally the opposite of its definition. The word actually means … [Read more…]