Important Performance Optimization Tips For Laravel Developers

The usage statistics posted on various website suggest that many web developers prefer Laravel to other PHP frameworks. The expressive syntax of Laravel makes it easier for developers to write custom web applications rapidly. Also, the framework accelerates custom web application development by simplifying common web development tasks like session management, routing, authentication, file system … [Read more…]

Top Reasons To Use Node Js

Node.Js is an open source cross platform based on JavaScript. It provides the developers a JavaScript runtime environment to develop new web tools and web applications. All the new developments in the field of web are due to Node.js technology. Since its invention in 2009, many businesses have benefitted a lot by shifting to it. … [Read more…]

Awesome WordPress Security Guard

1. Set up website lockdown and ban users A lockdown feature for failed login attempts can solve a huge problem, i.e. no more continuous brute force attempts. Whenever there is a hacking attempt with repetitive wrong passwords, the site gets locked, and you get notified of this unauthorized activity. I found out that the iThemes Security … [Read more…]

Raw PHP vs PHP Frameworks

Although both raw PHP and frameworks have their own advantages and disadvantages, it mostly comes down to workflow preferences and demands of the project. If you belong to either side of the spectrum, check out the advantages and disadvantages of Raw PHP and frameworks to take an informed decision when picking either raw PHP or … [Read more…]

Pure JavaScript vs. JQuery

Pure JS The most objective benefit of using pure JavaScript is better performance. Another benefit is the improved understanding of the language you gain from writing pure JS, which you need if you want to be able to do more advanced JS wizardry. The downside of pure JS is that it is easier to make … [Read more…]